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About GreenWorks

yardflowerstreesGreenWorks is a team of Connecticut certified arborists and turf specialists operating in New Haven and Eastern Fairfield County.  We offer a wide variety of customized plant health care programs to meet our client’s specific needs. Call now to meet with one of our CT licensed plant health care specialists.


Holistic Tree, Shrub, and Lawn Care

GreenWorks prides itself in a holistic approach to managing your landscape. That means we deeply understand the processes involved in keeping your diverse landscape healthy and that enables us to develop a customized plant care strategy that specifically meets your needs.  We take time to understand your goals as well as the condition and history of your landscape.  We like to keep in mind that all landscapes consist of a unique eco-system involving plants, animals, and organisms that work together or in competition to influence our outdoor experiences.


Meet The Owner

Joe RossOwner Joe Ross is a Connecticut licensed Arborist and a Connecticut licensed Ornamental Shrub and Turf Specialist  with over 10 years of experience working with homeowners to improve their landscape. He has received a bachelors of science in landscape architecture from the University of Connecticut and is currently a tree warden in Connecticut. His passion for plants and working with homeowners to better understand their backyard eco-systems has lead him to start GreenWorks – Tree, Shrub and Lawn Experts.