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Lawn Care
If you live in Eastern Fairfield or New Haven County and need a lawn problem diagnosed or just need a general lawn care program, give us a call.


Our Approach to Lawn Care

Our approach to Lawn care is a 4 step process.

  • Step 1: Analysis – This includes identifying all visual symptoms of all potential problems as well as having soil samples and laboratory diagnosis done on the grass if needed.  We then look at all the data and come up with a list of primary and secondary causes of undesired symptoms or areas where there is room for improvement to make your lawn greener and healthier.
  • Step 2: Implementation – We take a holistic approach to lawn care. We design a treatment strategy that takes into account all the factors that may hinder the healthy development of your lawn.  For example often times nutrient levels and PH are not where they should be for healthy lawn growth, this can cause a number of disease, insect and abiotic problems.  When we fertilize or decide not to fertilize based on soil analysis this moves your soil toward the right conditions to support a green and healthy lawn.
  • Step 3: Re-inspection – Re-inspection is important because it helps us to monitor the effectiveness of the previous treatment strategy and adjust the lawn care program accordingly. Depending on the condition of the lawn compared to its condition prior to implementing our lawn care program, we may decide to continue with the same program or modify it to better fit the needs of your lawn
  • Step 4: Fertilization and Prevention – Lawns in CT often need annual fertilization at least 3 or 4 times a year to maintain dense green foliage. Insect, weed and disease prevention is also a great way to make sure that any previous problems don’t return.

See our page on Common Lawn Pests, Problems and Solutons in CT.