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Tick Control Service
Safe, Effective and Affordable


We only use methods and products that are scientifically proven to be safe and effective. We have conventional and all-natural tick control programs available. These options allow us to  choose a program that is affordable for clients and conforms to each client’s unique landscape goals.


tick control treatment areasOur Conventional Product is in a category called pyrethroids, this means that it is similar to compounds naturally derived from the chrysanthemum plant. These compounds are proven to be extremely effective at controlling ticks while also being safe for humans and pets. This product is so effective at controlling ticks that only 2 applications annually are recommended.

Our All-Natural Product is formulated with an organically derived cedar oil. This product is known to repel and incapacitate ticks. Four applications annually are recommended to keep ticks from feeding and reproducing.

Application Method

Ticks will congregate at the edge of wooded areas and in patches of shrubbery or tall grass. These are the primary areas treated during our application. Ticks are rarely seen attempting to travel through short lawn grass, wood mulch or any kind of hardscape.